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    Why Choose Personalized Pens?

    You should choose personalized pens because they offer a unique and distinctive touch, showcasing the thought and effort that went into selecting the perfect present. Whether they are for a special occasion, graduation, or simply to express gratitude, personalized pens make meaningful gifts that leave a lasting impression. They convey a sense of thoughtfulness and allow users to express their style and personality through a practical and stylish accessory. With a personalized pen in hand, every stroke becomes a reflection of one’s own identity. They enable you to stand out from the crowd with their elegant looks and reflect your style and personality. You can choose Graduation Gift Pen Sets, Engraved Wooden Pens, and Personalized Pen Sets, as well as Wooden Pen Kits and Wood Pens wholesale.

    Available Personalized Pens

    At Luca’s Gift, you can choose the following personalized pens: 

    1. Graduation Gift Pen Set

    Graduation Gift Pen Set is a perfect choice for your friend or beloved one when they are graduating and stepping into business life. A personalized pen is crucial in business life because it will show how delicate and dedicated you are to your job and how seriously you take it.

    For options, in terms of color, we offer you Rosewood, Maple, and Bamboo, the best colors that go perfectly with wood, while enabling four different types of finishing: only case engraving, only pen engraving, both pen & case engraving, and with no engraving. These engravings are hand-finished and will never be erased by use.

    2. Engraved Wooden Pens

    These personalized pens are perfect for you if you are an enthusiast of the natural beauty of wood. Due to our precise laser engraving process via laser engraver machine, you can further personalize them with your or your beloved one’s name or any name you want.

    Also, we offer the option of changing the font of the engravings, making you further personalize the pen you choose. If you don’t want to personalize the font, the default is Times New Roman.

    3. Personalized Pen Set

    These types of pens are for people who, businessman or not, want to appreciate a good handwriting experience with high-quality pens. As both the case and the pen are engravable, you can demonstrate your personality in these pen sets, for example, with your name or any logo you want. We offer personalized pen sets whose diameter is 9/16’’ and length is 6’’, while the wooden box sizes are: 6.5’’ x 2’’ x 1.’’

    4. Wood Pens Wholesale

    Our wood pens also come as wholesale products that can be made in large quantities without losing quality. We offer the best option for people looking for high-quality pens that can be engraved with a company name at the best price. Regarding style and color, five different options are presented to you: Bamboo, Lined Maple, Mixed Maple 1, Mixed Maple 2, Squared Maple, and Rosewood. 

    5. Wooden Pen Kits Wholesale

    We offer wooden pen kits the best price-performance as they come in sets rather than individually. You can purchase wooden pen kits in whole without engraved, or you can have all the sets engraved accordingly to your wishes, demonstrating the firm or the idea you want to create. 

    Choose our high-quality personalized pens made via laser-precise engraving machines,   and make your mark with elegance and distinction!