About us

Hi there,

I enjoy shaping natural & soft materials like wood and leather to bring hand-made lovely end products to life. As my father started personalizing leather goods for his customers, I started to have an interest in the engraving field and finally decided to start my own Customizing Business for my hand-crafted items. By always valuing customer satisfaction, I will strive to do my best to bring quality items for you and your loved ones. Hope these gifts will bring joy to our lives…

I believe these basic materials get very valuable when we gift them to each other and seeing the change in our lives because of such minimalist art feels just majestic!

You can see our products across all e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, Amazon etc. Below are links to our shops:

LucasEngravingStore Etsy Shop

TAMEDUS Etsy Shop (Personalized Keychains)

LucasGift Amazon Handmade Storefront