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Common Questions

Here are some common questions about items you see on Lucasgift. You can always contact sellers about any issues.

If you want to have a proof, please contact seller before purchasing. Give a little details about your need while messaging.

Every product page provides contact form to reach your sellers :)

Lucasgift is a platform for many crafters to sell their lovely items.

So, it is up to product and seller however, the answer is usually Yes!

As a general rule, if you are ordering 15+ quantity, please leave a message about your need and seller will get back to you asap :)

Absolutely! Please check each item carefully, if any font options are provided in that specific gift item, you can mention your font choice in personalization box.

Consider the area of printing or engraving while making a purchase.

For example, if you are looking for small leather keychain, You shouldn't be putting more than 2-3 sentences(15-20 words max). However, for inside of a wallet, you can fit up to 50 words. Also, you cannot fit more than just a name on Name Necklace or Nursery sign.

Please keep in mind, the more you text you want on your item, the smaller and smaller font you will get.

If the item is suitable for Logo engrave or print, You can use Photo upload button to add logo to your order. If you cannot do that, you can reach out to seller about your issue.

Lucasgift brought the bestselling personalized gifts under the Bestseller Personalized Gifts page. We try to keep that collection updated.

However, you can still discover some of the top gift items and decide where to go! Just use our search bar and a little bit of imagination of yours ;)

Yes, every seller accepts this rule and you can make a free return in 30-days of delivery. Seller will provide you return label of their choice and you need to properly re-pack and drop-off securely to respective carrier store.

This is the tricky part of the business. You are not dealing with big corporations here on Lucasgift. Every seller is small-business, a group of crafters or even a single artisan working from home. So, please be mindful and check twice before placing a custom order to avoid any unwanted return situations. Remember, someone needs to pay the cost of return and in this case it is usually the small sellers you are making business with. They would be the paying price.

Also, please be kind while communicating even though you had some difficulty. No worries, your money is safe here on Lucasgift. Please see Luca’s Promise about advanced refund policy.

It is usually the Ground services of common carriers like USPS, UPS or FedEx. However, if any other upgraded shipping service is more convenient for the seller to ship items, that is also provided for free by the sellers.

Every seller accepts to have at least 1 free shipping method here on Lucasgift.

For upgraded and quicker rush shipping options, please contact particular seller to make additional payment if requested by the seller.