Luca's Promise - 100% satisfaction or Lucasgift Refunds It!

Luca’s Gift Promises 100% satisfaction to both seller and buyer. Your money is secure when you are on Luca’s Gift. The Promise will offer 100% refund of your money if you are eligible.

To be eligible for LucasPromise program, the rules are defined as such:

For a Buyer to receive full refund:

  • If you have a late delivery: Please allow a grace period up to 7 days of estimated delivery to file a claim. However, if your due date has passed for a special event like a birthday, anniversary, then you can ignore the 7 days grace period and file a claim just after estimated delivery for a full refund. Lucasgift covers the full refund if seller shipped the order timely.
  • If you have any issues with your delivery such as damaged or lost package and you don’t want or need replacement anymore, Lucasgift will cover the full refund if seller properly packaged and shipped to the given address correctly.
  • In the case of “Tracking says delivered but you never received the item”, Lucasgift will cover the full refund if seller does not offer replacement for customer satisfaction.
    • This case can be complicated sometimes. For example, if customer gave a faulty address on the original order and package delivered to that wrong address, neither seller or Lucasgift shall issue refund to the customer. Customer needs to re-order with the correct address. 
    • Also, some carriers like USPS sometimes updates tracking earlier than actual delivery, so, please give 1 to 4 business days for actual delivery. If there is still no package after 4 business days, then Lucasgift will issue a full refund.
  • If your package returned back to seller due to address issue and you showed that the address on your order is 100% correct by sending proof of address, photo of any mail piece showing your address, then it means this is certainly a carrier fault and you can file a claim for full refund. Lucasgift will cancel this order and cover the full refund.
    • In the case returned packages due to faulty address such as missing unit number or wrong street number, customer shall pay for reshipping cost. Such orders are not eligible to request refund.

     For a Seller to be covered for the refund:

    • To be covered for carrier delays: Make sure that you ship and scan the packages on time. Using Scan manifests can save you time for volume shipments.
      • Please note, Lucasgift does not cover delayed scanned packages even if that is carrier's delay, to avoid such issues, always make sure you get your packages scanned while handing them to carrier.
    • To be covered for damaged deliveries: Package the items securely to avoid any damage during shipment. 
    However, sellers are still responsible to replace items in such cases including but not limited to damaged deliveries, missing items, or wrongly made items. Sellers are also responsible for covering the costs of returned orders for any reason including but not limited to:
    1. Item arrived too late
    2. Inaccurate website description
    3. Missing items
    4. Wrong item was sent
    5. Defective item was sent
    6. Better price available
     Special note to Seller


    • In order to avoid any return requests due to finish on items: Carefully craft every order you have and contact buyer for questions about personalization. Also, care about aesthetic about every item you ship, so that people will love the products.
    • Package and ship your items carefully to avoid sending wrong or missing items.
    • Never send defective item!
    • Always check your pricing to be competitive enough to avoid receiving "Better price available" option above. 

    Last updated on April 13, 2024.