Leather Wallets

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Personalized Nursery Signs

Personalized Nursery Signs

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Lucasgift Montessori Wooden Toy Collection

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Personalized Gifts for Every Occasion & A Classy Addition to Your Collection

  • Whether you're looking for a thoughtful present for a special occasion or a classy addition to your collection, Luca's Gift is the best place to shop something for everyone!
  • Our top pick collection of Artisan team brings unique, custom, and handmade goods that are a stylish, practical, and distinctive and truly reflects your style.
  • We're thrilled to offer you a unique shopping experience where you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones with Free Shipping & Free Return guarantee!
  • All of our products are carefully crafted by small business owners with premium materials to ensure they are durable and quality. Also, Luca's Promise offers you peace of mind while making a purchase.


If you feel to create a unique item to gift someone, Every occasion is the best occasion. You can even buy yourself one!

Of course! We make personalized gifts here. The provided images and options are only to guide people to easily decide/customize their gifts. Please contact using Contact Seller option on product pages for your custom design, it may require additional payment to do extra work.

Anyone who is into elegant and custom design items can use our personalized gifts in their daily lives. After all, a unique item will add to your style whether you like casual, sporty or formal lifestyle. Our personalized gifts are timeless and next level in quality.

Sellers on Lucasgift provide both their items and personalization at very affordable prices. Although the customization prices vary in each gift item, you'd mostly pay below $10 for customization per item.

A monogrammed gift contains the first initial of a person’s first and last name.

Short answer, anything you want. Long answer, sellers provided the most popular designs and customizations on their listing photos and design options, however, custom design option is always available. You can engrave logo, emoji, picture, signature or even handwriting. Please contact using the Contact Seller option on product pages before placing your order to check!