Is Luca’s Gift Affiliate Program Worth It?

When you ask for ideas for a side hustle that doesn’t require much time and resources, affiliate marketing never fails to feature in the list. It is a $27.8 billion industry, and about 16% of eCommerce sales in the US are through affiliate marketing. With the right strategy, and when you join top affiliate programs, affiliate marketing can be a good source of passive income.

Before joining an affiliate program, you need to be sure that it is marketable and that you can easily translate your time and effort into money. Luca's Gift affiliate program is open to everyone. Is it worth it? I say yes, and here are my reasons. 

  • Generous commission: Luca’s gift affiliates earn a 10% commission for every sale made through your affiliate link. 
  • High acceptance rate: How often have you been turned down after expressing interest in an affiliate program? Lucasgift has an easy-to-follow registration process and a high acceptance rate. There is equal opportunity for everyone, and if you are looking to go into the affiliate marketing gift niche, this is your opportunity.
  • 20% auto discount: Each affiliate link has a 20% discount, an attractive offer for those who use your link. They may buy more because of the attractive price, and you still get your commission. 
  • Low payout threshold: Lucas Gift has a minimum threshold of $10, so you get paid quickly and frequently. The threshold also accounts for PayPal transaction fees.
  • 30-day cookie duration: Once someone clicks your affiliate link, you will earn a commission if they purchase anything within 30 days. 
  • Automatic weekly payouts: Once you hit the minimum $10 threshold, Luca’s Gift will automatically release secure payments to your PayPal account every week. You’ll get your money quickly and predictably. 
  • Paid post program: In addition to the commissions you earn as an affiliate, Luca’s gift affiliate program offers a minimum of $500 monthly to anyone who consistently shares content about Lucasgift on blogs and News websites and gets at least 1,500 clicks per month (US-based traffic) - the more traffic, the higher the pay. 
  • Range of products: Lucasgift has a range of gift products for everyone and different events. Whatever the occasion, your audience will find personalized gift options at attractive prices. This makes it easier for you to make a sale, and you have plenty to talk about in your marketing campaigning. 
  • Commission per sale: Luca’s Gift offers recurring commission per sale. If a buyer uses your affiliate link to make different purchases, at different times, you will earn a commission for every sale. 
  • Free leather keychain: Everyone who is accepted into the affiliate program gets a free leather keychain. It is the same high-quality leather keychains available to buyers, so you can also use it as a sample to market the gifts to your friends and family. 
  • What to Consider When Selecting an Affiliate Program

    Personalized Leather Keychain - Custom Keychains - Laser Engraved Keychain-Lucasgift

    Most marketers find themselves in a dilemma when trying to decide which are the top affiliate programs, and which ones will give them good returns. Before committing to any affiliate program, you need to know if it will be profitable, and you can do this by checking the following.

  • Commission rate: How much are you earning from every item sold? A high commission rate is a good thing, but only if you have a high conversion rate as well. Unfortunately, this also boils down to the type of product you are selling. If someone is more likely to buy a product using your affiliate link, then that is the best affiliate program.
  • The type of product: Before choosing an affiliate program, you need to be sure that it fits your niche, if you already have an existing website. In this case, if you have a gift niche, then Luca’s Gift affiliate program is perfect for you. You also need to ask if the products you are marketing are in demand all year round or only during specific seasons. 
  • Market reputation: It doesn’t matter how good of an affiliate marketer you are if you choose to market a brand that has a tarnished reputation. You will struggle to make sales, and over time, this will affect your brand. Research the brand, and confirm that they are selling genuine products.
  • Nature of the commission: Some affiliates only offer a commission for new or unique customers. This means you only get a commission the first time someone uses your affiliate link. You earn no commissions if the person comes back and makes more purchases, even when they use your link. Fortunately, some affiliate programs pay a commission for every purchase under your link, whether they are new or existing customers. 
  • Method of payment: You should look at the minimum threshold the affiliate program requires you to attain before you receive your money and the mode of payment. Confirm the channel they use for payments, whether it is bank transfers or international payment methods, like PayPal.  Is it convenient for you? Should you require money urgently, can you rely on the income from the affiliate program?
  • Cookie life: Most affiliate programs set a limit to the period when the affiliate link earns you a commission. Some programs set as little as 24hrs, while others go longer. This means, that if say the cookie like is 24hrs, you will only earn a commission if the referral converts to a sale within this time frame. If someone buys the item in the 25th hour, you will not earn a commission.
  • Affiliate terms: Every affiliate program has limitations, and you need to pay attention to those. If the conditions are too stringent, you may need to reconsider your decision to apply for the program. 

    Based on the above factors, how does Luca’s Gift affiliate program fit in, and what makes it worth it? If you compare the affiliate program against the conditions of a good program, you’ll notice that it has a long cookie life (30 days), a low pay-out threshold, a fast and secure payment method, and the products are in demand all year. 

    Everything is set right for you, now you only need to make use of your channels and network to start earning with affiliate marketing gift lists. 

    Do Affiliates Really Make Money?

    This is a question that many people who would like to join affiliate marketing ask. Some affiliate marketers also ask the same question, especially when they have been in multiple affiliate programs but have yet to see results. 

    If you are new to affiliate marketing, you should start with the best affiliate programs for beginners. Some products are hard to sell, and when affiliate marketers do not understand what they are selling, they are unlikely to make money from it.

    People are always looking to buy gifts for their loved ones for different occasions. Every day, someone is celebrating their birthday, and their friends and family are out shopping for gifts. People are always building new relationships and are looking to express their affection through gifts. 

    It is human nature to give and receive gifts, and being an affiliate marketer is one way to bring information closer to the people, and at the same time, make money from the service you provide. So, back to the question of affiliates making money, the answer is yes, but only if you go for a good affiliate program and if you have a good marketing plan.

    An affiliate program is your business, and you should run it as one. Have a business plan, including targets on how many sales you would like to make in a day, week, or month. Strategize how you can use different channels, such as your social media pages, to drive traffic to your site and the Luca’s Gift affiliate link and convert these visits into sales. 

    How the Paid Post Program Works

    It is impossible to look at the Luca’s Gift affiliate program without looking at the paid post program because they are intertwined. It is an additional avenue to make money, so you should also know what to expect from the paid post program. 

    This program targets marketers who spread the word about Lucasgift on their blogs and News websites. However, there are conditions attached, primarily on the number of clicks per month and the type of traffic. 

    Before going through the program, I should point out that the traffic should be US-based. It should also be organic. Any attempts to generate visits from a click farm (bot traffic) will cause you to lose your spot in Luca’s Gift affiliate program. However, if you have genuine, high-performing traffic to your site, here is what you should expect.

  • Starter traffic: When your links attract at least 1500 clicks per month, you are entitled to $500 a month. 
  • Mid-size traffic: If you receive consistent traffic of at least 5000 clicks per month, you will earn $1,500/month.
  • Large traffic: When your links get a minimum of 15,000 clicks per month, you will earn $5,000.

    These rates are in addition to the commissions you make from conversions you make on your affiliate link. I have covered everything you need to know about the Luca’s Gift affiliate program. When you have the right strategy, including continuous marketing, you should start earning your commission within a short time and over an extended period.