15 Personalized Wood Sign Gifts

After giving gifts for every occasion, there are times when you get stuck on what gifts to get next. How will the gift stand out from the previous ones? I usually turn to personalized wooden gifts because they are unique and you can be creative with the messages you engrave. Plus, who doesn’t like wood? It has great features, easily fits in with any home or office decor, and you can personalize it for every event.

Here are some of the best personalized wood sign gifts:

1. Horse Wood Name Sign


If the gift recipient keeps or loves horses, they will love this horse wood name sign. It is a personalized gift that identifies the person and their passion. It also makes a great decor gift that will draw other people’s attention at first glance.

It is made from ¼” (0.6cm) thick MDF wood, and is available in multiple sizes, 5”- 32” (12.7 - 81.3cm). The dimensions will depend on your message because it will need to be proportionate to the wood sign. It makes a great decor gift for the nursery and wall art.

2. Gamer Name Wood Sign 

This gamer wood sign is great for aesthetics and personalization. It is a perfect gift for a gamer because they can personalize and decorate their gaming room. The wood is also decor for any room, including the living room, office, and nursery. You can get it in maple, oak, wenge, black, gray, white, and black.

3. Personalized Wood Address Sign 

If you have given so many gifts that you no longer know what else to get, you can expand to other gifts that the person doesn’t even know they need. A personalized wood address sign will give your loved one’s home a facelift, especially if they have an old sign. It is 13” (33cm) in diameter and ¼” (0.6cm) thick. 

4. Dentist Wood Name Sign 

At a glance, a dental custom wood sign looks like the perfect gift for a dentist’s office. It is a great Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary, birthday, graduation, and Valentine’s Day gift. If your child, brother, sister, or friend wishes to become a dentist in the future, a dentist wood sign is perfect to remind them of their goal.

5. Antler Wood Name Sign 

Another great home decor wooden customized sign is this Antler wood name sign. It comes in maple, oak, black, white, gray, wenge, and walnut colors. It comes in different sizes, from 5” (12.7cm). It is a great gift that can fit in any room. You can make it as elaborate as you wish, depending on the room you envision for it and the other decor items on the wall. 

6. Custom Engraved Cutting Board 

If you’re looking for a functional and aesthetic wooden personalized gift, how about this custom cutting board? Choose between maple, cherry, and walnut wood. Each has its unique characteristics that make the cutting board stand out. The rustic feature with a mountain design is the charm behind this board. It is elegant and a great Mother’s Day, wedding, or anniversary personalized gift. 

7. Pet Wood Name Sign 

This pet wood name sign is one of my favorite wooden personalized signs. It is attractive and symbolic, especially when you are looking for a gift for a new pet owner. It is also an awesome way of including the pet in the celebration, whether it is a birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas gift. There are multiple color and size options. 

8. Anniversary Wood Map Frame 

Looking for a unique wooden anniversary gift? This personalized wood anniversary frame is made using premium wood, a perfect memory keeper signifying how far the couple has come from the moment their paths crossed. It captures where they met, their names, and your congratulatory message. It also makes an elegant Valentine’s Day gift.

9. Personalized Front Door Wood Sign 

If you are shopping for personalized wooden sign gifts, this wood sign is a great choice. You can get it in different sizes, with the smallest being 10” (25.4cm) diameter, and the largest 32” (81.3cm). You can get it as a wedding gift, corporate gift, a Christmas decoration wood sign, or a front door gift. Realtors can also give it as a closing gift. You can get it in walnut and oak with black or white engravings. 

10. Guitar Wood Name Sign 

This artistic wood name design is a great wood sign decor gift for every room, including the nursery, office, bedroom, or living room. It is a gift suitable for people of different ages and every occasion. It measures 5” - 32” (12.7cm - 81.3cm) on the longest side. You have 7 color options (oak, maple, gray, black, white, walnut, and wenge). Personalize it with your loved one’s name to make the gift uniquely theirs.

11. Wooden Engraved Recipe Board 

If your mother, grandmother, dad, or friend has a special recipe that is attributed to them, or if you have a family’s favorite dish, you can engrave it on a wooden board. The recipe can be preserved for generations. It is a memorable birthday gift idea, holiday gift, or anniversary gift. Besides the craftsmanship, the board is made using exotic olivewood with an amazing grain. It is also durable. 

12. Cardinal Memorial Wood Name Sign

Another wall art gift idea is this cardinal memorial wood name sign. It is made of MDF wood and is available in a range of colors, including maple, black, gray, white, walnut, and oak. It is the type of gift that stands out, irrespective of where it is placed. It is light and easy to fix on the wall. It also comes in different sizes, so you can get one that fits your budget and style. 

13. Personalized Wood Organizer 

If your loved one is constantly complaining about not having an organizer for their coats, bags, caps, or even keys, they will love this custom wood organizer. It is beautifully designed with sturdy knobs. It measures 32 inches (81.3cm) wide and 6 inches (15.3cm) long and is a practical and stylish gift that your loved one will cherish. It is perfect for the office, hallway, living room, or bedroom. 

14. Halloween Wood Name Sign 

Halloween is not your typical gift-giving holiday, but some people consider it their favorite holiday. You can make the holiday more special with this custom wood sign gift. It is pumpkin-shaped, symbolic of the Halloween. You can make the gift unique by adding the recipient’s initials. 

15. Monogram Wood Name Sign 

This monogram wood name sign is of MDF wood, ¼” (0.6cm) thick. It is circular, and the longest dimension is 5” - 32” (12.7cm - 81.3cm). The name engraving and your budget will influence the size you get. However, it is best to consider proportionality to get the best size. You can only use 12 letters max, without spacing and punctuation. 

Personalized Wooden Sign Gifts Buying Guide

With the range of wood personalized signs in the market, you may be confused about what to get. Like other gifts, you need to know why you’re getting the gift and if it is something the recipient would love. Fortunately, you have your work cut out for you because the wooden personalized signs are creatively designed to suit individuals with different characters and interests.

Here is what I look at to get the best personalized wooden sign gifts:

Type of wood: Custom wood sign gifts are made of different types of wood, which in turn have different grains and colors. Some gift shops allow you to choose the type of wood you would prefer and the finish (whether you want it stained or not).

Purpose of the gift: Unlike other gifts that tend to have an obvious use, such as wallets and keychains, wooden name signs can be used in multiple locations and for various reasons. Often, it comes down to why you’re buying the gift and what you engrave on it. For example, a name sign for a newborn is for the nursery.

Portability: What is the size of the wood sign and what is it made of? Some types of wood tend to be heavier than others, even when used for small wooden personalized signs. If you intend to get a name sign to hang on the wall, you need to get a gift that is easy to lift and one that won’t fall off the wall because it is too heavy. 

Design: Personalized wood gifts come with a range of designs. Some are simple designs with a personalized message, while others are more elaborate. For example, if you are looking for a gift for a new pet owner, you can opt for a symbolic paw-shaped wood sign. 

Finishing: Does the wood sign have a coating to protect the wood? Can it be stained to your preferred color? Some custom wood signs have a coating to protect the wood, while others don’t. The purpose of the sign will influence your decision to get a wooden gift with a gloss finish. 

Wrapping Up

Recipients of wood sign gifts can hold onto them for a lifetime. You can make the gift more endearing by choosing the right gift, for a specific location, and it should be protected from wear and tear. These custom wooden name signs are stylish and well-crafted to cater to different occasions. They are also affordable gift ideas that work for people of all ages. You can’t go wrong with wood sign gifts because there is no limit to the creative styles and functionality.