15 Gift Ideas for Women in Their 30s

Women in their 30s tend to be self-assured. They know what they want and won’t hesitate to say it. This makes gifting easier or more challenging, depending on how you see it, for you to get gifts for women in their 30s. It is easier because you can get them what they want, but it can also be difficult because you can tell when she is not impressed with her gift. 

If you need a head start, here are 15 gift ideas for women in their 30s. 

1. Personalized Zipper Wallet 

As I mentioned earlier, a gift for women in their 30s should be practical. This zipper wallet is compact but has generous storage, with six card slots, two money slots, an ID window, and three separate storage slots for other items. She can also keep her coins or keys in the dedicated zipper. 

A woman in her 30s wants a wallet that looks great in purses of different colors. This wallet is available in neutral colors, black and brown, so it will look good, irrespective of the purse she chooses for the day. On days when she goes for a minimalist look, this wallet will fit her front or back pockets easily. You can engrave her initials or name to make the gift truly hers.

2. Personalized Mom Keychain

If you want a birthday gift for a mom in her 30s, this custom mom keychain is a great choice. It is a reflection of her role as a mother, and she will treasure having it with her at all times. The keychain is available in various colors, so you can choose her favorite. The leather strap has an engraving area of 2cm x 6cm (0.8” x 2.4”). 

3. Bliss Spa Gift Set

In their 30s, women tend to be keen on their skincare routine. If you’re looking for a birthday gift for women in their 30s, you can explore this luxurious spa gift set. It has some of the best skin care products, including a soothing bath bomb, face masks, fragrant bath teas, pimple patches, eye masks, and a night cream. 

All these products come in a white gift box with a flap enclosure. You can personalize the gift set with a special message within the box. 

4. Custom Dog Ornament 

Christmas gifts for women in their 30s don’t always have to be about them. They may also be about their kids or pets. For example, you can get her this custom Christmas tree dog ornament. It is a thoughtful gift that shows you know what she values the most in her life. 

The ornament has multiple customization options, including the dog’s face and expressions. If the recipient has two pets, you can have both on the same ornament. You can also add the pet(s) name on the ornament. You can get it in white, black, walnut, gold, silver, and bronze.

5. Hiked a Lot of Trails Ornament 

If she loves hiking, you can give her this “hiked a lot of trails” ceramic ornament. It is a fun way to remind her of her passion. If she is hiking to get healthy and keep fit but has days when she wonders if it's worth it, this ornament may be your way of encouraging her to keep going. This ornament is your way of recognizing their effort and that you know them well. You can personalize it by adding the year when she started hiking. 

6. Bible Verse Leather Bookmark 

A bible verse leather mark is a budget gift for women in their 30s. If she is usually reading her bible, she will appreciate this bible verse leather bookmark. It is made of full-grain distressed leather and has a timeless style. It is also sturdy and is available in green, coffee, burgundy, blue, blush pink, brown, and tan. You can personalize the front with her name and a bible verse at the back. 

7. Culinary Gift Set 

If she enjoys cooking, you can gift a woman in her 30s this culinary gift set. It comes with a cutting board, storage container, utensil holder, measuring spoon, utensils (spatulas, salad spork, and salad spoon), and a kitchen towel. 

This entire set fits in a cedar crate. Unfortunately, the utensils are not dishwasher safe, so you have to decide if this works for her or not. The gift set comes wrapped in a gift wrap and a pre-cut ivory ribbon. You can add a personalized message in the crate. 

8. Farmhouse Throw Towel 

This 67” x 51” (170cm x 130cm) throw towel makes a great birthday gift, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary gift for women in their 30s. It also makes a great housewarming gift. 

It has a leatherette patch that you can laser engrave with your personalized message. The blanket is a heartfelt gift choice, available in grey, cream, and navy colors. Don’t forget to choose a leatherette patch color that matches the blanket. 

9. Cheese Board Set & Charcuterie Knives 

If she loves hosting, you can add to her kitchen collection with this cheese board set. The board is available in 16”, 18”, and 20” and comes with multiple stainless steel cheese knives. The board and knife handles are crafted using high-quality olive wood. You can personalize the wooden handles on the knives with her name or a special message to mark the event. Matching bowls are available at an extra cost.

10. Leather Checkbook Wallet 

Made of Crazy Horse distressed full-grain leather, this wallet has a timeless style that ages gracefully. It is a functional gift handy for women in their 30s. The wallet has 3 card slots and a money holder slot. The minimalist design is an excellent addition to her purse. You can make it an extra special gift by engraving her name or initials. 

11. Personalized Rustic Home Sign 

This 12 x 7 inch (30.5 x 18cm) rustic home sign is a charming gift for women in their 30s. It is perfect for every occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, or housewarming gifts. It can be part of her home decor, a great addition to her living room, porch, or entryway. 

Personalize it with a special message to mark the event in her life. You can request extras, such as design proofing, gift packaging, or fast processing, but they will cost you a little more. 

12. Sentimental Wristlet 

This compact chic wristlet (7.5” x 4”/19 x 10cm) is elegantly crafted using faux leather. The features include 12 card slots, an ID window, a dedicated zipper for coins, and a slot for bills. It has a snap enclosure and stitching that adds to its elegant appearance. It is available in eight colors, including pink, grey, dark brown, white, teal, purple, black, and rawhide. It is a timeless piece that you can personalize with her name or heartfelt message. 

13. Birth Year Necklace

As she gets older, a woman in her 30s treasures her birth year even more. Having this birth year necklace is a regular reminder of how far she has come from her birth year. This necklace is made using 925 silver and has a 14K gold or rose gold finish. You can also get it in matte silver. This necklace is an amazing gift with so much going for it. For example, it doesn’t tarnish and is an affordable gift for women in their 30s.

14. Friendship Greeting Card 

One thing you shouldn’t overlook about women in their 30s is their sentimentality. Most cherish the people around them, especially those with a small circle of friends. If you have a close relationship with a woman in her 30s, sometimes telling her what she means to you is gift enough, and you can do that using this friendship greeting card. 

15. Personalized Wood Pen 

In her 30s, a woman at the peak of her career would love this personalized wood pen set. It is an elegant pen, handcrafted with various patterns, including maple, mixed maple 2, squared maple, lined maple, rosewood, and mixed maple 1. You can make this gift perfect by customizing it with her name and presenting it in a personalized gift box.

How to Choose a Gift for Women in Their 30s

“The big 30” is celebrated with a lot of fanfare, and there is a good reason why people get excited about this age. They are entering a new decade and a new era of adulthood, which may reflect their personality. Additionally, women in their 30s tend to dream bigger and attempt to find a better version of themselves. 

So, when looking for the best gifts for women in their 30s, you should look for something that complements this version of themselves. They also appreciate sentimental and functional gifts, so this widens the horizon for you a little bit. You would have hit the jackpot if the gift was stylish, sentimental, and functional. If they have picked up new hobbies, a gift that reflects them is a good idea. 

Wrapping Up! 

If you need help getting started, these are some gift ideas for women in their 30s. I have covered gifts of different prices so that you can pick what best fits your budget. If you love them all, you can get each of these gifts for every event of the year, and she will undoubtedly appreciate your thoughtful gesture.