12 Best Leather Keychains For Graduation Gifts

Leather Keychains For Graduation GiftWith all the events in our loved ones' lives, choosing a gift for every occasion can be overwhelming. I often look at the one gift everyone cannot get enough of, and that is keychains. They come in different designs and materials, and you can get hundreds of custom keychain ideas to make each gift unique. 

Below are some of the best leather keychains that make great gifts. I’ll discuss their attributes and what makes them great gift ideas for graduation gifts.

1. Personalized Leather Engraved Keychain


Personalized Leather Engraved Keychain

Image Source: Lucas Gift

This is an excellent heavy-duty keychain with sturdy, relatively thick leather and a strong metal keyring. The leather feels great and comes in different colors, from cool beige and black leather to bold blue and red hues. You can also engrave congratulatory messages on both sides. 

The keyring is large enough to hold multiple keys, or even a single key without it looking out of place. It also has a karabiner, so one can hook the key to the belt hooks or even a purse.

2. Engraved University Keychain

University Keychain

Image Source: Lucas Gift

Most graduates take pride in the University they attended, and will always refer to it in conversations. A branded custom keychain with the logo of the University is a perfect gift that one can carry with pride. 

This university keychain is available in different shades of brown, red, and blue, making it easier for you to engrave university logos of different colors, sizes, and fonts. The limited color options accommodate logos of different styles and colors, making it the perfect gift to hold onto in memory of a major milestone in life. 

3. Lacrosse Keychains 

Lacrosse Keychains

Image Source: Lucas Gift

If you want to make a gift even more special for someone who plays lacrosse, give them a customized lacrosse keychain. It has the lacrosse logo, and you can add the person’s name or a quirky engraved message to go with it. 

The thick metal ring and karabiner make it easier for one to find keys when searching through a bag or drawer. The leather is also thick, durable, and easy to clean. The leather hook is also firm, so it doesn’t wear out easily when the keys rub on it. 

If you want the lacrosse logo to stand out, I suggest you go for lighter colors, like cinnamon and light brown. 

4. Christian Faux Leather Keyring 

Christian Faux Leather Keyring

Image Source: Christian Art Gifts

The graduation period can be filled with uncertainties and most people worry about the next step. Will they get a job immediately? Some people are even stuck in a “what next” phase? When choosing a gift, especially for someone who will appreciate a faith-based gift, this faux leather keyring is perfect.

This brown faux keyring has heat-embossed messages, with neat stitching. The rectangular, soft faux panel is large enough for you to add a personalized message, such as the person’s name or address. 

The 1.2-inch split metal ring also has the word “Faith” engraved to add to the appeal of the personalized Christian keychain gift.

The faux leather is smooth and easy to clean, and a perfect gift for someone who loves leather, but is more sensitive to its origin. 

5.  Custom College Graduate Keychain 

Custom College Graduate Keychain

Image Source: Maven Metals

This custom college graduate keychain is subtle, yet stylish. It has a handcrafted leather accent strap that is just 2 inches long. Unlike the other keychains, the leather doesn’t stand out like the other keychains. 

The solid 1.5-inch keyring may even be more outstanding, but the leather quality is outstanding, comparable to that of the finest handbags. 

The keyring can hold up to 45 characters, while the leather strap can hold a name initial, say an N or T. You can also choose to leave it bare. Pair the vibrant leather colors, with black, antique brass, or silver clasps. 

Undoubtedly, you can tell the engraved keychain ring is of high quality. The downside is the price is a little high, especially when compared to what you’d ordinarily pay for keychains. 

6. 3D Custom Engraved Leather Keychain 

Im3D Custom Engraved Leather Keychain

Image Source: Maven Metals

This custom graduation gift is made from the finest Italian leather. The keyring is also solid stainless steel that can be 3D engraved with a special message (up to 30 characters). Each letter is hand-shaped, polished, and buffed to perfection. 

This keychain is one to last a lifetime, so in a way, despite its price tag, you get value for money. This is also a gift that one is likely to cherish for life. 

7. Handcrafted Custom Keychain

Handcrafted Custom Keychain

Image Source: Maven Metals

This sentimental graduation gift is one of the best leather keychains you can give family and friends. It is a gift of all seasons and can be custom-made in multiple ways. 

For example, you can put the person's name initial on the fine leather strap, or engrave a special message on the keyring. 

The ring can hold up to 45 characters (letters plus numbers and punctuation). The leather is securely fastened, so there is no risk of it snapping. The hardware attachment is also of high quality. 

The keyring also comes with a stylish keybox that makes it a worthwhile gift for graduation, birthday, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion. 

8. Slim Personalized Keychains

Slim Personalized Keychains

Image Source: Lucas Gift

This slim leather keychain is simple, and perfect if you want a simple, yet sentimental gift. The leather strap is slim and long enough to hold a special message. The leather straps are available in a range of colors, from cool tan/brown to bright colors. You also get to pair the leather straps with either black or silver keyrings. 

This custom graduation gift is a thoughtful one, and it is fairly priced. You’ll even have greater value for money if you get personalized keychains in bulk. The downside is it the ring cannot hold too many keys, especially if you want to protect the leather from damage. 

9. Keychain With Heavy-Duty Ring Clasp 

Keychain With Heavy-Duty Ring Clasp

Image Source: Lucas Gift

The leather strap on this keychain is firm, thick, and supported on both sides, with a keyring on one end, and a clasp on the other end. You can engrave a personalized message on one or both sides of the leather strap.

The hardware (keyring and clasp) is of solid metal, and the positioning gives you greater flexibility on how you carry or keep the keys. For example, one can clasp it on their purse, or hook it to the belt hook. Since the ring is on the opposite side of the leather strap, they don’t bunch up. Instead, the keys hang low without it looking crowded. 

10. Leather Flower Keychain 

Leather Flower Keychain

Image Source: Lucas Gift

If you are looking for a gift for someone who appreciates color and texture, a leather flower keychain is a great choice. Unfortunately, this keychain doesn’t give you options for customization. Instead, your choice will be limited to the color and designs on the strap.

This is an excellent keychain idea if you don’t have time to customize the gift, but want a keychain that still stands out. The price is great, and you even get discounted rates if you buy them in bulk. 

11. Custom Mountain Folded Leather Keychain 

Custom Mountain Folded Leather Keychain

Image Source: Lucas Gift

A little different from the other leather keychains, the mountain folded leather keychain has a thick, handcrafted leather strap attached to a solid stainless steel charm that you can engrave on one side of the face.

At the base of the face is the mountain silhouette, so can only personalize the top with up to 12 characters. 

The keychain is 1.2-inches wide, and 2.5-inches long (from the end of the clasp to the charm). The clasp options are brass and silver finish. The price may be prohibitive, but everything about this custom keychain screams high quality. The keyring is also large enough to hold several keys.

12. Real Handwriting Folded Leather Custom Keychain

Real Handwriting Folded Leather Keychain

Image Source: Maven Metals

Handwriting keychains takes personalizing to the next level because you get to engrave a special message on the keychain charm using your real handwriting. Write up to 7 words on the front side of the charm.

Other features of this personalized keychain include a colorful Italian leather strap, solid brass hardware (clasp and keyring), and a magnetic gift box. 

How To Choose The Best Leather Keychains

Before we look at the 12 best leather keychains for graduation gifts, I’ll discuss briefly what you should consider when buying leather keychains. To ensure your personalized keychain gifts are a hit, you need to ensure you get it right.

  • Size. Does the person you have in mind for the gift usually carry a bunch of keys around? If the keychain ring always looks crowded and is a running joke between you, then you should consider getting a keychain with a bigger ring. 
  • Style. Are you looking for something fancy, functional, or casual? You can also go for a keychain with a formal look if that style is more appealing. You can also play around with colors.
  • Durability. Most people hardly ever consider the durability of a keychain, that’s why they make perfect gifts. Once in use, keychains collect dirt and moisture, which ruins their appearance over time. Choose keychains with a strong metal ring. They should also be easy to clean.
  • Functionality. The design of the keychain determines its functionality. Some only have a keychain ring, while others have a key pouch. Some keychains have a karabiner for hooking onto the belt loops. 

With these factors in mind, choosing a custom keychain gift becomes easier. You’ll even get value for money if you buy customized keychains in bulk so you can have the gifts at hand for other occasions. 

To Sum Up

These are the 12 best leather keychain graduation gift ideas. You can also give them for other special occasions, with alterations to the engraved messages. If you're still undecided, visit our keychain collection section and find something amazing.