Why would you spend the money on a luxury pen like a Montblanc? Should you consider more affordable ways to make your pen gift outstanding?

There are several types of people who would buy Montblancs.

The most common purchasers are buying because of the name and decided it would make an unusual gift. Typically they buy the ballpoint or rollerball versions of the Meisterstuck series. Those are the most recognizable series of the pen line. Secondly common people would buy more expensive lines or limited edition series for people with large amounts of income and they like to collect expensive items such as pens, watches, belts etc. Finally, there is people from some company or organization looking for an extremely unusual gift as an award for a manager or team leader. They’d often spend thousands on limited edition pieces.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Black Ballpoint Pen 10883

However spending that much money on a not very customized gift seems non-ideal for many. At so much more affordable prices, you can create a personalized version of basic pen. If your pen gift doesn't have to be a brand and you want a particularly unique item, we would definitely recommend you to give our pen gift a try.

wood pen

They are made out of natural wood in 3 types, bamboo(shown above), rosewood and maple. In addition to color options, you have option to change the font of your engraving. You can engrave person's name, company name, organization/party name, or even include 4-5 words short text messages.

Here is one of customer review we got for "Lined Maple" color pen, her direct words: "You can't beat the quality for the low pricing. Super happy with packaging and delivery time. Finally product was beautiful just as depicted and described. You will not beat the value for a customizable you CAN refill."

Our pens are refillable with the color you want, blue or black, just mention while customizing your order.

What is the best pen to give as gift?

Considering the explanations above, one would definitely change his/her mind to what to gift. Gifting a high end pens like Montblanc, Cross or Pelikan pens are certainly not the only way to make your sentimental but definitely the only way to make it expensive and especially if considered uniqueness of your gift, they are definitely not as efficient as our customized wood pens.

Also, if you are looking for a set to gift we carry wood pen sets that are also fully customizable for your need.

wood pen set

They are one the most classy looking pen gift items that we have and there are plenty of room to make customization with very affordable prices. Our customers are very satisfied about the customization and item quality of these pens. Here's a customer review and photo sharing about this product:

affordable gift, wood pen set

And the direct words of the customer: "Wow. Just wow! These were amazing! I got one for my boss and 3 supervisors and they were wonderfully done. Everyone LOVED their pens. On top of that, they came early! So perfect timing for Christmas :)"

In conclusion, decent, cheaper alternative to gifting a high end pens like Montblanc, Cross or Pelikan pens can be found in our online customization shop? You name the answer!