Personalized Leather Keychain Gift for 3rd anniversary gift

Leather has been the traditional theme of the third wedding anniversary for generations. It symbolizes security and sense of touch because of its durability and great surface feeling. But, what leather gift item can you choose to give?

Personalized keychain would be the perfect gift whether you are customizing for him or for her. Alternatives are endless here: You can put initials for your loved one on one side and on the other side say "Happy 3rd Anniversary" and even add your wedding date below that line.

initials on leather keychain

Alternatively, you may just engrave a simple "I love you" note for love of your life! This can be a very minimalistic but strong speaker of your love towards him or her.

i love you gift, custom keychain

Another great alternative is engraving the coordinates of the address you first meet, date or the address of your wedding. On one side you may engrave the coordinates and on the other side you can say "Where Our Story Began". This is the by far most popular gift idea from our customers.

where our story began customized leather keychain

With this "on a budget" gift you can create amazing gifts for your loved one. It is a great everyday item and the customization make it perfect to be the best personalized gift so far!

The color choice is all up to you. There is no meaning on the color of leather unless you have otherwise in your relationship. The most popular leather color for anniversary gift concept is "Cinnamon" after that "Dark Brown" is the second popular choice. I, personally, never seen an order with black one but you can choose it. We also have "Light Brown" leather color like in the shown in above images.

You can start customizing your keychain.

Ways to Celebrate

Since leather is the traditional gift for this anniversary, you may consider arranging a western-themed evening. With this theme, you can put on a western clothes, listen to country love songs, and cook up a nice traditional meal. Incorporating normal date night ideas can add a great touch to your moods. For instance, you can make this a movie night and watch your wedding video after the movie, or you can go out and get tickets to a sports event, concert, or play.

If the above options don't work for you, simply go out to breakfast or go to a local wine tasting during the day or if you are lazy and cozy, get intimate by taking a shower together swoop onto bed and get cozier.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a must. So, do not skip this day or the gift. Although each year has different meanings and challenges but remember to gift each year with traditional ways to show your love and make your relationship stronger. For example, the first wedding anniversary often symbolizes a year of adjustment, where you reflect on the delicate and hardy aspects of your first year together.


Personalized Leather Keychain

keychain gift in a box

We ship all of our gift items inside FREE gift boxes or bags according to item size and shape. Your personalized leather keychain gift will arrive you like shown in above picture. We delicately laser engrave our items to create quality gifts for you. We appreciate the possibility of doing business with you and get excited on creating each and every gift item.

Features of this Keychain

Leather part's size is 1.125" by 2.75" and 2 loops with 1 hook. You may remove 1 loop and hook if you want.

- Laser engraving to make sure it will never be erased by use
- Hand-finished and made to order in Texas, USA


• You will enjoy distressed full grain leather nature from beginning with its smell and continue while it gets better and better with age.
• You will feel a perfect statement of elegant simplicity with its gentle design.
• Because of full grain distressed leather is used, the product may seems different in color, surface and in other natural dimensions but these are the normal and have to be specialties of your item. You have chosen full grain leather for this reasons.