How do you make leather gifts?

Leather gifts symbolizes elegancy and quality. So, giving a leather gift will make recipient feel very special, it is not an ordinary gift.

Leather material is know for symbolizing 3rd Year Anniversary due to its softness and durability. 3rd Year Anniversary is know for great milestone for marriages and only leather gifts were thought to be suitable. Of course, people choose alternative gifts however, the original gift item was leather.

personalized leather keychain

So, if you look at this perspective, you will see that gifting a leather item is not an ordinary choice. You will gift a valuable item to your friend or family member.

The most popular leather items are wallets (both for men and women), keychains (this is a unisex item), and tech accessories like iWatchbands etc. Since we love quality items, we carry all of these items.

top seller leather wallet

This DATE NIGHT Wallet is our one of the best sellers. It is simple, it has the message and looks beautiful, everything is just right! You can further customize this item by putting message inside or choosing the suitable "Finishing" option in product page, you can put names or initials on this wallet.

personalized long wallet

This item is a Top Selling Personalized Long wallet and it has all the features that everyman wants. It is large, it has coin pocket, built-in RFID protection, enough room for cards, bills, receipts etc and most importantly, it has ID window right there! 

You can make lots of customizations on this wallet. This is wife's and girlfriend's favorite wallet because it carries a lot of message from them. Additionally, one of customer got very creative and engraved their newborn baby's footprint on her husband's wallet. See image below:

footprint engraved wallet

This long wallet might be the best wallet in terms of personalization because just like it has room for all sorts of carry-ons, it has lots of room for engraving personal messages.

personalized leather keychain

The second most common leather item people choose to gift is Leather Keychain. We provide engraving on both sides of the leather and also we engrave logos, pictures or even fun emojis on these keychains.

emoji keychain

Leather Keychain is the most customized item we ever produced. Since it is a basic daily item, everybody is tend to personalize a leather keychain rather than leather wallets or iWatchbands etc. Even though the leather area is limited, with your imagination and our capabilities, you can create the best personalized leather keychain gift for your loved one.

Leather Keychain is the one we consume our most days and that's why we would like to share some of our favorite customer reviews here. We love happy customers. Here are their direct words and the photo that they shared with us!

personalized leather keychain review

Her direct words: "The personalized leather key chain was absolutely perfect. Its heavy, the inscription was perfect..I even like the choice of the metal ring. The packaging was even nice. We are super happy with our purchase. Yes, we would order with this seller."

Another customer review and photo:

logo engraved leather keychain

Her direct words: "Seller was phenomenal to work with. The seller had incredible customer service and a warm friendly manner. The first shipment got lost in the mail and he immediately sent out a replacement package. The keychains are beautiful and such amazing quality. My family loves them. Thank you for a beautiful product and transaction!"

One last Personalized Leather Keychain gift review:

coordinates leather keychain

Her direct words: "This keychain turned out better than I even could have imagined!! I am so so happy with it, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I also had a special request for the seller to use silver hardware instead of gold, and he responded right away saying that he could, and in a matter of minutes already had it put together. He was so so kind. The item was shipped very promptly, and after receiving it I can’t believe how great the quality is! I was hoping this keychain would last me many years, and I can tell that it definitely will."

 card wallet

After, leather keychain, this is the second most compact and daily leather gift item we produce for our customers. It has a very strong magnet money clip that holds dollar bills securely and lots of pockets to hold credit cards or ids. This leather wallet is great fit for minimalist person and due to lightness of leather it is very easy to carry and actually one of the best front pocket wallet models.

We recently got a lovely review on this wallet and would like to share here.

leather magnet money clip wallet

Her direct words: "The wallet/money clip is great quality alone. However the customization is absolutely perfectly straight and just overall EXCEPTIONAL. I am extremely satisfied with this product and can’t wait to give it to my honey for Valentine’s Day. As for the shipping it was SOOO FAST! I ordered on 1/6 and it was in my mailbox by 1/9. I am in the same state as the seller, however I was very pleased with how fast he got my order completed and in the mail. 10/10 Will be ordering again."

long zipper wallet womens leather

If you want to gift yourself a leather wallet, we have this long full zipper hand wallet. It has a matching color and leather bracelet. With the initial option, you can create yourself a designer look leather wallet at fraction of the price. Additionally, your leather wallet will be made out of genuine Full Grain leather, not just some fabric or synthetic leather. Our Full Grain Leather lasts for a lifetime and only gets better with age, the surface and the color gets better with use.

long zipper wallet

Our customers photo, along with her direct words: "This is Marvelous!! It has a tight outer pocket (this is Great!!!!), It has a pocket on each side of the card holders for cash (this is GREAT!) I recently had a Kate Spade wallet and this replaced it, Much cheaper and better made! And It's a natural leather look. Looks very classic! I Love this Wallet! Thank you! If I were to improve this i'd make it a tad bit taller-wider, but it's Fantastic!"

Last but not least, this flower stamped leather wallet is our newest favorite. By design, this leather wallet is very feminine and everyone falls in love when they first saw it (know it from my mom and sister 😅). You don't need customization on this one as the leather surface is not flat and wouldn't look nice on flower pattern.

In conclusion, one can say that at those affordable prices, the best gift is a personalized leather gift whether it is wallet, keychain or anything else. You can further discover our complete Leather Gift ideas collection.