18 Best Valentine's Day Gifts in 2021 | Personalized on a Budget Gifts from $14.00

What is a good Valentine's Day gift?

Short answer to that question in our shop is "the personalized one". Personalized gift item is unique and will make your valentine feel very special whatever the gift item is. In our shop, we handcraft and finish each item with love and top quality. So, you don't need to worry about the item, just customize any of the gifts below and leave rest to us!

Here's the complete guide and list for 18 Best Valentines Gifts in 2021:

Please note, all of the listed gift items are made by us and they are proven items for top customer satisfactory. So, you will not be redirected to any 3rd party website or store like it happens in other blog pages. This page is for our products only, Top quality and Best!

What are good valentine gifts for boyfriends?

When it comes to deciding on masculine gift, women tend to choose cliche gifts such as cologne, t-shirt, or a watch in order to reduce the risk of likeliness of the gift. But in our store, you don't need to worry about that because whatever gift item you decide on, you will create a unique one for your valentine and he will love it when he sees his name or your message on it. Also, your gift for your boyfriend will be timeless and forever. So, what you can gift to him?

1. Personalized Leather Long Wallet

leather long wallet for him

This item is one of our best seller for boyfriends, husbands or dads. It is the best gift because you have so much room to customize it. You can add his initials on the front and engrave a message inside. Also, it has so much room for his belongings to carry with this wallet. Every time, he uses his wallet, this will remind your love and message for him. You can engrave logo or handwriting as well. Below is one of our customers feedback along with her photo of her custom gift:

customer satisfaction review on personalized long wallet

Her direct words: "He did such an amazing job! He helped me with everything that I was inquiring about and was so patient and understanding with me. Then shipping was super fast and I received it just a few days after I ordered it. I absolutely love the wallet and I’m so excited to give it to my boyfriend for Christmas! Definitely recommend him! Thank you for everything! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!"

This was very heart-warming to hear feedback from our customers. Please contact us for such custom wallet designs, possibilities are endless with your imagination.

2. Personalized Leather Keychain

Our leather gift items are all quality and elegant when you feel in your hand. Plus, the engraving make it perfect in terms of customization. Small yet enough gift to transfer your message and love to your valentine's daily item. This is my favorite gift item for both him and her. Our customers also love this item so much. I am sharing one of our customer reviews below:

personalized leather keychain for boyfriend

Her direct words: "

This keychain is a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas! It came in so quickly, but the quality did not suffer! The photos of the products gave me a great idea of what the end product would look like and this artist totally nailed it! Communication was efficient and easy! The hardware looks to be high quality and sturdy. I’m super happy with this purchase! Can’t wait to buy more!"

This is just one example, you can create some thing like saying "I Love You Always & Forever" or "I love you To the moon and back".

i love you to the moon and back gift

i love you always and forever gift

You can also engrave the coordinates of a special place for both you and valentine on one side and on the second side you may just say "Where it all began".

You can start customizing yourself.


If you want to refresh the feelings with your valentine, a date night wallet might help like starting over. It has a elegant looking font engraving along with your and your valentine's name.

date night wallet

Inside of this wallet is suitable for further customization if you want additional message for your valentine. See wallet page to start customizing.

One of the customer review for this item: "Wonderful handmade item! Soft and easy to use!" These are her direct words! So, you can be comfortable placing your order for this gift.


This is our most masculine gift for him. If your valentine loves hunting or just carries a pocket knife, give this custom gift to him. Put name of him, or leave a short message, doesn't matter, once you personalize it, he will love it with your effort to create the best gift for him.

name engraved pocket knife

Our knife is well appreciated by our customers because of its feel in hand, masculinity and laser engraving quality. Also, some of our creative customers created funny design similar to images provided in knife gift page that brings joy to our lives..

5. Front Pocket Magnetic Money Clip

This minimalist card holder wallet is the best way to show your appreciation to your valentine if he loves minimalism. Men tend to use simple things. It gives them more freedom to be more active and athletic during the day. Fitting a custom message on his small daily carry on will make him happy. The elegant and quality looking will fit his every style.

custom minimalist wallet

Strong magnet holds everything secure and in place while providing him practicality. All of our gifts are both useful and thoughtful at the same time.


What is Zipper wallet? It is the more secure version of regular wallet with all the features like ID window, coin section, card holders, bill space. It is roomy and durable wallet that your valentine will enjoy while using it.

Custom Zipper Wallet

You can customize it with his initials or name. Color options for this wallet are "Dark Brown", "Cinnamon" and "Black". The most popular choice is the dark brown one.

All before-mentioned items and more are listed here gift for him page.

What should I get my wife for Valentine's Day?

Whether you are getting Valentine's gift for your wife or girlfriend in 2021 the most popular gift to is Leather Keychain. It is simple, it is touchy, and most importantly it is elegant enough to make her feel special with your massage and customization on it.

personalized valentine gift for her

Just putting her name on Elegant style initial will also make your valentine feel special for the date.

You can also buy her a zip-around continental wallet with her name on it.

zip-around continental wallet

This gift looks like a designer brand wallet and feels much better than that. I am sharing direct words of one customer: "This is Marvelous!! It has a tight outer pocket (this is Great!!!!), It has a pocket on each side of the card holders for cash (this is GREAT!) I recently had a Kate Spade wallet and this replaced it, Much cheaper and better made! And It's a natural leather look. Looks very classic! I Love this Wallet! Thank you! If I were to improve this i'd make it a tad bit taller-wider, but it's Fantastic!"

Another on a budget gift can be added to previously mentioned gifts to increase the joy in your Valentine's Day.

custom wood hand mirror

This wood hand mirror will definitely add flavor to your gift package. She will not stop using this mirror especially when her name is engraved permanently on it. She can carry it in her wallet, bag or together with her make-up tools.

All before-mentioned items and more are listed here gift for her page.

What are good cheap Valentine's Day gifts?

We produce in house customized gifts at very affordable prices. Both our products and personalization costs are very low that you can create on a budget custom gift for your valentine in 2021. With limitless customization tools and options, you can either create a cute item that will put smile on your valentine or create an elegant gift that will make your valentine feel very special.

So, in order to avoid any cliches in 2021 Valentine's Day, follow any of the above gift ideas and create special item for your loved one.

In conclusion, every occasion is best for a personalized gift but Valentine's Day is much more special to create a custom gift and add whole another level of importance and joy to your relationship. Don't miss this day!